What To Buy From Netherlands? 7 Advices

The Netherlands has plenty of options for travelers as well as shopping and sightseeing. You can find shops selling souvenirs at many points in the city. Besides you can find all kinds of original gift varieties that you wonder at this point throughout the article. Here are the answers of What to buy from Netherlands?

Tulip Bulbs

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Amsterdam undoubtedly the tulips. As such, a considerable portion of souvenir shops is reserved for tulip bulbs.

what to buy from netherlands

Onions can be large and single, as well as 3, 5 or 10 packs. It can be a nice gift alternative for both yourself and your loved ones who are dealing with plants or garden work.

The tulip bulbs contain beautiful and descriptive usage details, and the onions can wait for a certain period of time under suitable ambient conditions.

Wooden Shoes

One of the most original souvenir items of the country is wooden shoes. From the original shoe size to keyring size, you can find many kinds of products at every corner of the city. Colorful shoes can be a very original gift for both yourself and your loved ones.

If you want to buy some more original shoes, you can go to Otten & Zn shop. Other than that, you can find wooden shoes at Dam Square which is the center of the city and many souvenirs around.

Porcelain Products

As you can find many quality porcelain products, you can also find some more economical but original products. The most famous porcelain brand is Delfts Blauw.

Ajax Football Team Fans Products

Soccer fanatic travelers’ one of the first addresses when they go abroad is the stadium where they play football matches of the city. It can be exciting to visit the stadiums of some of the world famous football teams, especially tourists, and to examine the cups they have won. Ajax is the biggest football team in Amsterdam.

You can find the originals and imitations of the fan products belonging to the Ajax Football Team throughout the city. If you are not so interested in football, you may be an original gift for your boyfriends who are waiting for a gift in your circle or who is making a collection of wefts and so on.


In the Netherlands, a country renowned for its milk and dairy products, cheese varieties are at the forefront of products that can be enjoyed and taken. You can buy the best cheese from Cheese & More in this place where goat and sheep cheese are valued.

The biscuits called Stroopwafels are absolutely delicious and you should take your relatives as gifts. This product is found in many souvenir stores as well as in almost every market. The Dutch chocolate is not as famous as the neighboring countries but it is one of the products you need to taste because of the milk quality and the chocolate varieties. Especially handmade chocolate varieties are very tasty.


The Netherlands is not known for its cuisine. But their snacks have amazing taste. The ‘kroket’ is a deep fried roll with meat ragout inside, covered in breadcrumbs.

The common English translation of ’kroket’ is croquette. The original Dutch ‘kroket’ is made from beef or veal, but there are many different flavors like chicken satay, shrimps, goulash or even a vegetarian ‘kroket’.

You can buy these items as a frozen from supermarkets. So you can get and bring to your home. Three premium brands are ‘Van Dobben’, ‘Holtkamp’ and ‘Kwekkeboom’.


Bitterballen’ are one of the Dutch favorite snack and can be ordered in almost every café and bar due to its real tasty combination with beer. Like kroket, you can buy as a frozen from many supermarkets.

Antique Products

If you are an antique and art enthusiast, Amsterdam is a best place for you. With many antique products and more than 160 shops, it can offer you rare items. If the meaning and history of the products are much more appealing than the quality of the products, you can visit Amsterdam’s famous flea markets. Who knows, maybe you can find the products you can not find in the antiques on a tiny bench.


Yes, you did not hear wrong, if you do not have financial problems, you can get quality diamonds from each other in Amsterdam. Even though there is a general competition in the price of the city in general, it is important to do it in places where you will have confidence in your shopping. One of these is the famous diamond workshop called Coster Diamonds, where you can observe the diamond business.


It is thought that fashion is run by the Flemish, though Paris comes to mind when it comes to clothing and fashion. All European fashion can be seen in Amsterdam showcases and clothing prices are at a level that anyone can match.

Lately, the boutiques opened by the locals have started to become popular too. You can find beautiful clothes in the city’s famous shopping streets as well as in shopping malls. Also, you can buy their traditional clothes, if you like and interested in.

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