5 Italian Foods That You Should Definitely Try in Italy

Italian foods have always been very popular all around the world. Probably you ate some Italian food last week and didn’t notice it was an Italian recipe. But the place to eat the best Italian food is Italy. Let’s see the 5 most tasty Italian foods that you should try when you visit.


You guessed it right? Pizza must be the first thing you should try in Italy and believe me it won’t be like those you eat in your home country. Italian people like pizza simple. Try Margherita and four cheese. 


When it comes to pasta, Italy is the first country you should think of. You can taste every kind of Pasta you can imagine here. As the world’s biggest producer and the consumer, Italians  know how to make it.  You should definitely try mushroom Bolognese and try some recipes with seafood. Try to find some small and local restaurants.

A panini is an Italian term used to signify a grilled sandwich made from a baguette, ciabatta, and Michetti.  If you are in hurry and want a delicious snack on your way to visit Trevi or Collesium, better grab a panini.

We suggest you go to Pantheon square to try the ice cream in Rome. Not just because of the taste of the delicious Italian ice-cream but also because of the wonderful view of Pantheon.  You can find every sort of ice-cream in this place and this is the best Italian dessert in calm seasons.

Tiramisu is one of the tastiest Italian foods. Tiramisu brings together the strong taste of coffee and beautiful, sweet taste of all kinds of fruits. And believe me, to make a balanced tiramisu is a hard job. If you want to try the best Tiramisu in Italy, you better visit Pompi.

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