5 Travelling Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Have you ever had any troubles while travelling? Are you having difficulties organizing your trip? Let’s have a look at the most common 5 travelling mistakes people do during their trip.

Let’s get inspired by some useful ideas that we have come up!

1)Preparing a busy schedule.

“This is the first time I’m going to see Paris and maybe it will be the last. So, I can’t trifle away even 1 second of it. I need to see all the ‘must see’ places and have my photo taken with each of them.”

This will be the mistake of your life! Get relaxed.  You must be the Superman to do a full sightseeing, especially if you are visiting such a historical place like Paris, Rome, Prague or Istanbul.

Pick maximum 5 of these “must see” places and make a pleasant plan for yourself. Trust us, you’ll be able to see the exact beauty of the city if you don’t hurry. Take your time, and live in the moment!

If you have some problems with scheduling you can useTravefy App to prepare a clear plan.

2)Staying in a Hotel Which is Located Far Away from City Centre to Keep the Money

This is one of the most common traveling mistakes and maybe the worst of them. Time is the most valuable thing you can have during traveling and you may lose too much time on your way to the places you want to visit.

Try to book a strategically well-located hotel.  Act upon your sightseeing plan while choosing your hotel.

 Also, hotels may make an extra discount if you make a booking for your travel.
There is a website named Trivago which allows you to compare enormous amount of hotels with each other and helps you to find the best prices for you.
3)Dipping Too Much into the Travel Guides

Travel guides are really beneficial sources to get to know basic tips about the town and deciding where to visit. However, you can learn the best tricks from local shops about the hidden beauties of the city. Of course, staying loyal to your plan will provide you to avoid these traveling mistakes but a little naughty never kill nobody!  

Listen to that barista and go to that little park he suggested. You won’t regret.
4)Buying a Pair of New Shoes to Wear During the Travel

Do your feet a favor and bring them together with their best friend on your journey: Fluffy sneakers! As we all know, some shoes might be a little uncomfortable when we wear them for the first time.

Considering the fact that you’ll be walking whole day long, a painful pair of shoes seems one of the most painful traveling mistakes of all time. Don’t let uncomfortable pair of shoes ruin your journey!

5)Spending too Much Time on Social Media.

Okay, it’s your right to share that stunning pose with your besties but you can gossip later about your brother’s ex-girlfriend, right?  

Time to lift your head from the phone screen and enjoy the moment. In addition, you may try asking local people the way instead of using Google Maps if you get lost. Feel free. Meeting new people is also a part of your journey!
Fasten your seatbelts!

Now that you learned some traveling mistakes and the solutions, you are ready to stroll around the world! Don’t forget to add your travel to Glocalzone and start to earn money!


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