Travel Insurance with Insured Nomads

5 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance with Insured Nomads

There is a point of view that travel insurance is only necessary for expensive vacations, overseas trips or trips with multiple flights. But this is completely wrong. It is very important to have travel insurance for every trip. Because you never know what will happen both before and during the trip.

After talking about the importance of travel insurance, the first question that comes to mind is: “Is travel insurance worth it?” Let’s answer this question with Insured Nomads.

5 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance:

1- 1 in 5 planes are delayed

Your plane may be delayed

According to the Department of Transportation’s 2021 report 20-32% of flights are delayed. This delay can be as short as 3-4 minutes or as long as 10-12 hours.

This may cause you to miss your connecting flight, or it may extend the duration of your travel and be reflected as extra food and accommodation costs. While this situation may put you in financial difficulties before your trip starts, it may also cause you to drop in morale.

Insured Nomads offers personalized travel insurance that covers many features, including flight delays. In this way, you will not have to pay extra for extra features and you will have the most suitable travel insurance for you.

Especially the World Explorer customizable package is suitable for everyone. When purchasing this package, you can get 10% discount by using the code “GLOCALZONE10”.

2- Your luggage may be lost on flights

Travel Insurance
Your suitcase may be one of the lost suitcases

According to Luggagehero’s 2021 data, 692,884 suitcases have been lost. One of these suitcases could be yours!

You had a comfortable flight and you are quite excited for the holiday. You are waiting for your luggage to arrive and you have no luggage! Lost! Think about how terrifying this situation might be for you. If you had travel insurance, this wouldn’t be a big deal for you.

For many people, taking out travel insurance is a subject that is considered biased because it seems to be an extra expense. But you can earn money while traveling with Glocalzone! In this way, you can bring your travel insurance for free!

3- You may have to cancel your trip

You can be covid before your trip

You have planned a great vacation. Everything will be perfect. A wonderful flight, a stay in a hotel with a view, and a vacation full of amazing activities where you will experience unforgettable moments.

But when there is a short time before the holiday time, you have Covid-19 and will not be able to travel. You reported the situation to both the airline officials and the hotel, but they both stated that they could not help you with this and they could not refund your money because you passed the refund period.

You fell ill, your wonderful vacation plan fell through and your expenses went unrewarded. In case of such a situation, having a travel insurance would have saved you from many difficult situations.

4- Your Health Insurance May Not Be Valid in Other Countries

Medical operations overseas can be very expensive

No matter how comprehensive the health insurance you have in your country, many of them are not valid outside the country. Many medical services, especially overseas, charge cash and are not covered by your health insurance.

You may be in big trouble for any health problem that may happen to you in another country. Because you may have to pay cash and health costs can be very, very costly. Sometimes that figure can even reach $50,000!

As we said at the beginning of the article, you do not know what will happen to you, so it is useful to be safe. Insured Nomads is with you in this regard.

5- You Can Dream of an Adrenaline-Filled Vacation

Adrenaline and adventurous sports are as risky as they are fun

If you have an adrenaline-filled holiday plan and you are planning to travel for adventure sports, you may not be able to find a travel insurance that suits you. Insured nomads has packages for both marina activities and adventure sports.

Insured Nomads offers travel insurance service that covers all the above risks and is affordable. Thanks to Insured Nomads, you can take precautions against all bad and negative conditions that may occur in your travel and make your holiday the safest.

Travel Insurance

You can purchase Insured Nomads World Explorer travel insurance with the code “GLOCALZONE10” with a 10% discount.

Travel insurance will protect you in many ways. However, when buying travel insurance, you should carefully examine what opportunities it offers. The Insured Nomads World Explorer package is suitable for everyone. Why? It includes Trip Cancellation, Lost Luggage, Flight delay, Cell phone coverage, Adventure and Marine Sports Coverage, 24 Hour Emergency Medical Care, Covid-19 Cover, Acute Onset of Pre-existing Condition, Emergency Dental Treatment and many other features.

The World Explorer package is available for individuals, families and employees. Have a trip soon? Check out Insured Nomads now.

You can earn money by using Glocalzone on your travels. This way, you can save your travel insurance costs and even get your travel insurance free!