Why I am in Love with Lisbon

Let’s take a look at Lisbon with our traveler Bahar Ozkan!

Lisbon is known and called its seven hills and colorful trams which seems very nostalgic. As a resident of Istanbul, Turkey, I can comfortably say that the culture, people, lifestyle are so similar to the ones in Turkey. Spending more than a week in Lisbon, I could not get enough of this beautiful city. Below, you can find the reasons why I am in love with Lisbon.


Beyond the fact that Sao Jorge Castle, a fairytale structure, is located in this region there are great spots to enjoy with the fascinating view. Best thing to do is to get lost in the narrow streets! And enjoy the visual show of houses with the charming colors! The atmosphere of the town made me feel like I was living in the medieval age. If you would like to listen to Fado, the famous Portuguese tradition that women lament, there are lots of restaurants in which you can listen to Fado while enjoying Portuguese food.


The place that you can find alternative life, street art, music, food and many more… With full of good vibes and inspirational spots, LX Factory is a great place to chill in the city. Known as one of the most Instagrammable places in Lisbon, Ler Devagar Library is located here. And do not leave LX Factory without having a cocktail in Rio de Maravilha, which has a great view through the 25 April Bridge.


The biggest food market in the town. There are lots of local food companies serving freshly and daily. The day when I went there, there was a semi-final match of World Cup and its shown by a huge LCD. Good vibes and the good atmosphere inside, go there to make some local friends!


With the charming colors, trams are the pupils of the city. Other than the image of nostalgy, they are used for public transportation. Tram 28 is the most known one as it provides 40 min city tour so that you can decide where to start, where to go or not go, and etc.


These beautiful small towns are definitely must visit when you are in Lisbon. Sintra has a fascinating atmosphere that made you live in ancient ages. There are a few fairytale palaces like Pena Palace in charming colors. Cascais is also so cute and very suitable for water sports. In addition, in Cascais, there are a bunch of local places that you can enjoy the food and music at the same time.


Worldwide famous spot for surfing with its highest waves in the world. The day we went surfing, the waves were quite moderate and really enjoyed. Definitely will go back and one day will be a pro surfer!


Even though I normally do not eat pastry and sweet things, I try just a little piece of famous deserts in the country that I travel. Pastel de Nata is the guilty one that disrupts my habit. I used to eat at least 2 on a day when I was there cuz it is incredibly delicious. You can eat the best pastel de nata in Pasteis de Belem, which is also very popular with its long queue other than the desert.

It was fascinating to explore Lisbon with Glocalzone! I will continue to explore the world with Glocalzone and earn money while traveling!

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