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Travel! We know that nowadays we handle all of our work on the phone. Today, thanks to this technology, there are applications that we can tackle the small problems that we will encounter during our travels.  For example; We can find the best place to go and the best place to eat or we can buy a chip ticket when we are sitting in a cafe.


One of the most exciting applications for me. A cultural media environment, where you can create a list of geographies you want to explore and to follow established lists, is more accurate. As well as having the features of all the social networks you know inside, it is a medium you can use as a microblog.

If you have given your landing plan while you are doing your travel plan, you have added information to your information with every new photo added there when you follow the Bucket List created for this place. When you open a Bucket List for a place you want to go to and add the information and photographs you have there, you will have a permanent list of things you will do in the future, as well as keeping your audience informed by following others. You will be able to archive both past and future plans. I am confident that in the future this app will take its place on every phone. Get your place already.


Artwayway.com is an interesting and innovative initiative that pays you in cash for points you earn from internet shopping. Membership on the site is free, you can easily sign up with Facebook. We usually buy hotels, air tickets and many other travel expenses from the internet.

When you make a hotel reservation, you will go to the site and get your hotel from the agreed hotel search sites. If there is a percentage of money in the area, after the shopping, that figure is loaded in cash in your account. Not just travel, clothing, technology, books and many other categories in shopping malls. When you do all the shopping you do on Artway, there is a considerable amount of money. If you are a member of this link, you will be charged 10 TL through your account. You can get cash when your account has accumulated 30 TL. Sign up, use.


It’s one of the best practices that every traveler should have on their smartphone. The Google Translate application, which supports 103 languages, also supports offline support for 52 languages. I do not speak a foreign language, so I’m afraid to travel so useful to destroy the excuses of those who say. With every new update, it gets extraordinary features. In short, you can write in Turkish, and you can tell your desire for it.

Speak Turkish, say your voice in English, write it. Hold on to a text that you do not understand the language, show it to you on the synchronized screen. With the totally free application you can translate voice conversations, handwritten texts and texts in photos directly in different languages, register your favorite translations and transfer the translations to the computer environment using the inter-device synchronization feature.


If you are going to a city for the first time, where you go, what you do not know, maybe the experience of those who traveled before you might be able to shed light on you, right? The LiveTrekker application is an interesting application for this point. In summary, LiveTrekker automatically saves your background location while you navigate and labels all the photos, videos, sounds, and notes you create along the route geographically on the route.

Then you can replay the trip with all its content and share your family and friends almost instantly. When you travel in a city or a region, your trip is cruise, the photos you take along the route, your voice recordings and the comments you write later serve as a guide to those who will travel around the city. In the same way you can go to the city you are going to follow the route that someone who has traveled before. For Blogger, you can easily make notes with the application such as where I took the photo and what the name of the street I visited. Travel app with similar function can be used in Wikiloc.


I guess you do not know this practice. I use the TripAdvisor application to learn more about places to visit and see in cities I’m going to visit. First of all, an application that responds to the question “Where do I go to see this city?” Get ideas by reading other users’ comments. The same applies to finding the best hotels and places in the city.     


Accuweather is a successful travel application that shares with you in-depth information about the weather at your destination. In the Accuweather.com application search box, type the city you will be going to, and prepare your suitcases according to the information received.


As you can see from the name, the application is designed for travel planning completely, and you will see places on the route and places to visit, places on the map, related wikipedia information. I’m just starting to use a new, practical and quick solution for places you do not research as much as you do.


Discover where you can fly by plane, train, bus, ship or car. A door-to-door travel search engine that shows you how far you’ll reach, prices and even carbon emissions. Write where you want to go, see transportation alternatives. 


An application that everyone should know and use most often, your hands should be your feet. Whether you need to choose a route, route planning, direction finding, getting information about transport and ATM around, cafe and restaurants, including a lot of information ore. What you need to do and use is to learn and use every feature until the end. The biggest advantage of the application is that it allows you to store maps for offline use. Enter your Google account for this, open the Google Maps application, view the desired location, and use the “Save map offline” option in the top right menu icon. 


If you are planning an unplanned trip too often and are looking for an application that helps you find a place to stay when you go abroad, Hotel Tonight is for you. Hotel Tonight, which has set out with less schedule and more ages to live, lists the last minute campaigns of famous hotels. Every day at lunchtime, it became one of the favorite applications of many users in a short time with cheap hotel deals. With a price of € 90 per night on Booking.com, you can find the hotel at half price with this application. Just remember, but you can book a week in advance. 


From the world’s largest and best travel applications, booking offers you the best options from more than 800 hotels and 20 million rooms in the world. The interface is awesome and very easy to use. If you have already defined your credit card, you can do it very quickly. The travel application I used the most on my travels. 


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