Tips to Help You at the Airport

When we are going to airport or at airport, we can forget something or we can face many difficulties. Therefore,  I believe that I can help you by writing this article.

Before the road…

1.Find Out Where The Airport Is

Find out where the airport is and how to get there before you go out. You can check the timetable of transportation means from public transport websites.

2.Get A Screenshot Of Your Boarding Pass

If you are viewing your boarding pass with your mobile phone, take a screenshot and save the pictures as folders. You may have the opportunity to experience a suspension in the airline’s application or at the airport’s internet access.

3. Always ask for or remove your boarding pass

Despite everything, you have a copy of your boarding card with you. We never know what will happen.

4. Skip check-in

When the airport is too busy, announcements are made for flights approaching departure time and passengers of these flights are given priority. For this reason, you can sit comfortably at your head until your flight is announced. When the announcement is made, you can go straight ahead at check-in.

5.Get an empty plastic bag

Have a few empty, zippered and transparent pouches on your side. Perfumes, makeup remover, etc. may be required to put in your personal care materials. Because in some airports, such bags are very expensive.

6.Never enter a safety line where children are involved

Prefer the line  in which the suit wears the majority. They will move faster. You can expect a lot if you are calling a child or a wide family.

7.Take a look around before you get up

Whether you are in a cafe, a toilet, or a waiting room in the airport, check out your surroundings when you are leaving and check if you forget something like your boarding pass or passport.

8.Promote from Business Class to Business

Try to be the last passenger on the plane. If you see an empty seat in Business Class while you are on your plane and you are heading towards your economy class seat, sit down as soon as you own the seat. As a result, the door is closed and you will not be arriving anymore and you can be the owner of this chair. If cabin crews are not questioned your place, then you are promoted to Business. This tactic sometimes works, sometimes not, depending on the attitude of flight personnel.

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