Life-Saving Travel Applications To Use on Vacation

Exploring stunning places, meeting new people from different cultures, tasting delicious food, learning about different cultures… While traveling offers these and many more, financial costs may sometimes be the issue that make travelers worry. Take a look at these life-saving travel applications, which are better than their competitors, so that you do not miss the best deals, world-class customer service and value.



life-saving travel applications

It searches websites around the world in multiple languages. Therefore, no deal goes unfound.


This great website searches a lot of different airlines, including many of the budget carriers that larger sites miss. If you start with Momondo, do not forget to check this site to compare the price.



This site provides you to connect with homeowners who rent out their homes or rooms. While enjoying the comforts of home, you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of a hotel room.


One of the life-saving travel applications is Hostelworld. With the best search interface and widest availability, one of the best hostel sites in the world. Free cancellation and immediate confirmation make Hostelworld much better for travelers!


One of the life-saving travel applications is Couchsurfing. This life-Saving travel application allows you to stay in people’s spare rooms for free. It’s a great way to save money while meeting locals who can tell you much more about a city than you will find out through a hostel or hotel. Also, the site has groups where you can arrange to meet up for events in your city. provides a great resource and booking site for cheap hotels and other accommodation, as well. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily view a wide range of accommodation options.


Bla Bla Car

BlaBlaCar is a ridesharing website allows you to share rides with vetted local drivers by pitching in for gas. Very simple to use: request a seat, get approved, and off you go! It’s a cheap and much more enjoyable way to get from point A to point B than by bus or train!
Roma 2 Rio

This website allows you to see how to get from point A to point B with the best and cheapest way possible. Enter your departure and arrival destinations and it will show you all the bus, train, plane, or boat routes that can get you there as well as the cost. One of the best life-saving travel applications out there!

Gumtree is an amazing website for travelers of all kind. You can find travel partners, rideshares, jobs, second-hand gear, homestays, and much more.

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