Tips for French Language Learners in France

Tips and recommendations for current and future French Language Learners in France. From the best way to learn French to the best way to earn money in France. Based on my student experience in Lyon, France.

Why you should not listen to other people’s opinion about your own desires?

When I first decided to learn French and started to spread this information, many people disagreed with my choice by assuming that the French language would not help my future career. Instead, they encouraged me to learn Mandarin Chinese to secure a future job. For a while, I was in a quandary, and I could not decide which path I should choose. However, instead of listening to other people, I stood by my first choice, which became the best decision of my life. Not only I learned French but I also learned how to make money in France as a broke student and met some incredible people. You should not listen to other people’s negative opinions when it comes to your own decisions. Your own wishes will lead to somewhere amazing.

Why you should learn French in a French university?

Although my dream was to go to Paris (an obvious cliché), I have realised Paris was not only expensive but cruel for foreigners (especially for those who are beginners in French). Consequently, I have decided to learn French in Lyon, which is described as the city of students, the city of gastronomy, and the city of fun.

When I was pursuing my research about Lyon, I came across the French language and culture courses that was offered by the Catholic University of Lyon (shortened version UCLy). Right after finding this university, I registered for the courses. In 2018, I started my French language courses in UCLy. From the first day of my courses, I knew I made the right decision.

The university allowed me to meet with incredible people and immerse myself in the French culture. My advice to language learners to choose a university instead of a private language school. The reason being, as it is a university you have the opportunity to mingle with French students and practice your French. Plus, there are many international students in a university environment. Those student are there to obtain B2 level. Once they achieve this level, they continue their undergraduate studies in France. You may ask “Why this is important for me?”. It is significant for the following reasons :

  1. Even after you leave the city, you’ll still have friends over there.
  2. You will never be a stranger and a loner in that city ever again.

Why is it easier to make friends in a university environment?

A university has more opportunities to meet with other students. For instance, dance competitions, pub nights, parties, potluck nights, skiing, and many more. I met with some of my best-friends by participating in these activities. Therefore, I strongly recommend French learners (or for any other language learners) to attend a program in a university.

How did I survive in France as a broke student? Fast money-making 101 from babysitting to Glocalzone 

Unfortunately, to live in France cost a vast sum of money especially for international students. Therefore, in order to live a decent life in France, you have to find a job. My first instinct was to babysit as it did not require prior skills nor did it require full time commitment.

Through a website called nounou-top, I was able to find a Turkish family in Lyon, who hired me as a babysitter for their two boys. I started to earn between 140 and 180 euros by working 3 hours per week. Although I was happy with this salary, I wanted to make more money, especially when I started to travel across Europe. This is when I discovered a platform called Glocalzone that allowed me to gain money while traveling.

Simply, Glocalzone connects travellers to shoppers, who want to reach overseas products. When I put my travel informations, other users contacted me through the platform. They kindly requested products from France. Then, we negotiated about my delivery fee. Once everything was settled, I delivered the items to the requester and received my delivery fee from Glocalzone.

Mostly, I brought products like chocolate, cheese, local desserts and Dijon mustard from France. In this way, I made between 200-300 euro once I delivered the requested items to Glocalzone’s users.

My tips for French Language Learners, who would like to earn money, is to use Glocalzone. Because it is a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money during your travels. If you need more shopper guide specifically for Glocalzone click here

I hope future and current French learners enjoyed my tips 🙂

Glocalzone app that I have used to earn money while traveling across Europe