What to buy from Belgium?

What to buy from Belgium? Belgium is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. There are many different products you can get from this country which has many beautiful places to visit. Belgium, especially famous for its beer and pastry products, is a paradise for shoppers. But what to buy from Belgium? We have already prepared a small shopping list for you so you don’t get tired. Let’s start looking at the products you can buy from Belgium!

1.Authentic Belgian Snacks

Genuine, all-butter waffle and other cookies, some covered in chocolate, some not. And all the products made in the best tradition of Belgian craftsmanship. Famous for their unique flavor and delicious crunchiness. These are Europe’s top coffee break favorites. A perfect treat for a well-deserved timeout, especially if coupled with the right drink.

what to buy from belgium

2. Wellness Products

The another answer of what to buy from Belgium is welness products. Ginger Love, a foamy herbal tea with citrus fruit and ginger, contains neither caffeine nor theine. Ginger includes many vitamins and minerals along with volatile healing oils.

This herb, which has antioxidant properties, is appetizing, used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and strengthening of the immune system such as nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain, especially for the common cold.

3. Chocolate

Belgium is known as the best chocolate producer in the world. Since chocolate is the best gift in the world, it would be unfair not to add it to the list of products you can get from Belgium. Neuhaus, Leonidas with its expensive and delicious chocolates; Wittamer, Mary with chocolate croissants; Elisabeth with chocolate truffles; Pierre Marcolini with its macaroons and unique chocolates; With candies and chocolate biscuits, Corne Port Royal can blow your mind.

4. Wall Tapestry

If you want to add a historical atmosphere to your home decoration, you can buy beautiful tapestries from Belgium. You can also find handbags, wallets and slippers with the same fabric.

5. Coffee

Everything starts well with a fresh cup of coffee. According to this, you will be satisfied to find Corica. It is a family-owned coffee specialist where you can get a taste of every imaginable blend the world has to offer. Corica is one of the place where you can pick up a pack of this freshly ground Arabica blend (5,70 euros).

Except coffee, you’ll find a wide range of teas, chocolates and biscuits, also espresso machines, should you manage to fit it into your suitcase.

We wish you have a nice trip. If you don’t have the chance to go to Belgium and you want to have these products, you can visit the Glocalzone and get everything you want through travelers!

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