What to Request From Finland Via Glocalzone?

In spite of the fact that Finland is a gloomy land in terms of the sun’s movements, there are extraordinary range of creative people living there. It is hard to believe that those people who are used to get exposed to the dark weather can be that much creative! Let’s have a look at the things they have created. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to have one to lighten your life!

Fazer Candies

finland fazer candies

Fazer is one of the most popular Nordic pastry brands. As you know, Nordics are known as a creative public all over the world. It seems like their creativity has also reflected to their culinary arts. You can buy many different pastry with many different flavor from Fazer.
Candies, chocolates, pastries, breads, liquorish, pastilles, toffee, pies, chewing gums are being the choices of tourists as a gift for their friends ! In addition, thanks to these pastries agreeable package shapes, they can easily get transported. Unfortunately, Fazer is a special brand to Finland and that’s why you should request from Finland.

Iittala Glassware

Finland is also famous for it’s glassware and Iittala is one of the most famous brands of all. They make different-shaped glassware in various colors since 1881. Moreover, this glassware are so famous that nearly every house has several of them in Finland. Also these elegant pieces might be a good choice for the collectors. Furthermore,Fin people prefer sending those glassware as a gift for their relatives. Seems like a good choice to request from Finland!

Gifts with Marimekko Patterns

Marimekko is the most popular design brand in Finland. It’s not hard to recognize the brand when you see it’s unexpected and original patterns. This brand makes different designs and put those designs strain on to different bases.

In Finland, nearly every woman has a Marimekko shirt, dress, bag, or purse. What is more, you can even see cars which are patterned by Marimekko ! It may be a good idea to have something from this brand to make our lives more colorful. Then, let’s request from Finland!


Moomin is a cartoon character which is special to Finland with a really sweet history. We see Moomin nearly in every aspect of life such as a toy, a book,a cartoon, a sticker on the wall or a key holder. If you got bored of the same old cartoon figures Moomin might be a good choice to pick as a gift for your children or yourself!

Sauna Items

Have you heard about Fin Sauna ever? If you haven’t even heard about it yet you should immediately go and experience a Fin sauna.

It is a really common tradition to relax and get warm in Finland and they also have some items to use in the sauna. You may not have a sauna in your house like Fin’s considering the weather conditions but you can have those items to enjoy your bath in a Fin way! It doesn’t seems like a bad idea to request from Finland right?
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