What to Request from Singapore via Glocalzone?

What to request from Singapore via Glocalzone? Singapore is one of the most curious and most popular travel spots in the far east. Singapore has a world of shopping that will turn your head when you take a step. As a result, it is possible to shop as much as you would fill a suitcase in this country where you go as a tourist. So we’ve compiled 6 products that you need to add to your shopping list for Singapore!


The perfumes produced in Singapore are definitely one of the products you need to add to your request list from Singapore. We are sure that you’ve heard how good these perfumes are from your friends who used them. Also, prices are cute enough to fill your suitcase with perfumes.

2-Singapore Sling Cocktail

The pink cocktail, which was discovered at the Raffles hotel with the discovery of a bartender, is now Singapore’s national drink. Every time they go out, they taste and enjoy the soft taste very much. This cocktail was bottled and offered for sale. A drink you definitely need to add to your list to get from Singapore.

what to request from singapore cocktail


Singapore’s favorite jewelry and decor maker. True orchids are a brand that started their adventure by covering gold. All the jewelry and decorations they produce have handmade and unique designs. We can say that the prices are not too high. There is a very fine gift option, so the Risis jewelry is a must buy from Singapore!

4-Tiger Balm

We have heard the name of this brand which produces pain relievers and soothing medicine. This product is famous all over the world. The prices are also very cheap in Singapore. If you want to try it, you should add this product to what to request from Singapore list.


In China, it used to be a kind of dried meat that was dried with spices and smoked to hide the meat. Although Bakkwa belongs to Chinese culture, it has become an indispensable part of tourists in Singapore. This delicious food source is what you need to add to the list of taking away from Singapore.

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